customer service

customer service

  • Sat 1 May 2021 - 6:25 AM
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What is the job of customer service

Definition of customer service

The process by which customers and consumers are satisfied with what it has to offer
Institutions include products, goods, and services, as customer service is an essential part of giving public perceptions about companies, and it is the link between the company and the customer. During a sale or return transaction for any of the products and commodities, providing information about everything related to the company.

The customer service function There are many services performed by customer service employees in companies, as they have the following responsibilities and functions:

Dealing with problems
 One of the most important jobs that customer service employees perform is to deal with problems and complaints facing customers according to company policies, and to provide suggestions and solutions that satisfy the customer, or pass them on to other people who have the ability to solve them. Sales assistance Although customer service is not considered from the sales department, some customer service personnel, when they sell companies' products, may provide suggestions to customers and assist in their decision to purchase a specific product.
 Clerical jobs
 It is intended to respond to customers' phone calls, or make telephone transfers to the concerned employees, and customer information can be recorded and modified, in addition to processing various documents and papers, and some customer service employees, especially those working in banks, can deal with papers such as cash checks and accounts Services.

Rules in customer service
Customer service employees must follow a number of rules that help in doing their job to the fullest, and some of the rules for that:
 Answer and not delay phone calls; To be able to provide good service to others. Reliability in making promises and deadlines, as it is one of the most important keys to a good relationship with customers.

Hear problems, complaints and suggestions with great care, to be able to provide an appropriate response. Dealing with complaints in a way that satisfies the customer. Training employees to be good employees, enjoying the politeness, cooperation and understanding that the job requires. Taking the initiative in proposing suggestions about a specific product, or mentioning the advantages and additions that the customer may obtain through his purchase of a product, which increases the customer’s happiness.