Information about customer service

Information about customer service

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Customer service is known in English by the term (Customer Service), and it is an administrative function, which aims to provide individuals who deal with the facility with information about the nature of its work, the services, and the goods it provides to people, and it is also known as a set of principles and skills that characterize people Appointed within the company or institution and makes them able to maintain the satisfaction of customers, and individuals who deal with the facility almost permanently.

Customer service is a strategic function of any facility in the world; Because it helps to enhance communication between the facility and the individuals targeted by the nature of its work, and whenever the facility provides services close to people, and meets their needs, such as: telecommunications companies, they must be keen to support the role of customer service in carrying out their work, and its important role in interacting with people In an effective and efficient way.

Characteristics of customer service

There are a set of characteristics that characterize customer service, which are: It is the means of linking the company with the external environment surrounding it. It contains all the information about the nature of the goods and services provided by the company. They are usually available on a daily basis, all the time, and even on public holidays. It helps to provide initial solutions to customers in the event that they encounter problems while using the commodity or service. It is keen to implement questionnaires to know the extent of customer satisfaction with the service provided to them.

Customer Service Objectives Customer service is keen to achieve the following objectives: Maintaining the good reputation of the company by ensuring that all customer requests are followed up. Participating in increasing the number of customers, by motivating them by offering them symbolic rewards. Excellence in providing services to all customers in order to maintain their continuity with the company. Commitment to endurance, patience, and never getting bored or nervous with clients. Understand and understand each client, and try to deal with him in a calm manner, even if he is angry, and this contributes to finding logical solutions to the problem facing him.

Means of customer service

 Customer service depends on means of communication to achieve the goal of its existence, and the most important of these means: Telephone customer service: It is one of the most common types of customer service methods; It depends on receiving calls by calling customers, and then identifying them and answering their inquiries accurately. Customer service on the Internet: It is one of the types of customer service methods, which depend on responding to messages received by customers by e-mail, or by activating dialogue with them by relying on instant messages or what is known as chatting in order to provide all assistance to customers.

Types of customer service

 Customer service is divided into a group of types, including:

Internal customer service

It is the service of all customers who are related within the company, and they may be from the employees who work for it, or from its sub-agents, and it aims to provide assistance to them in the event that they encounter any problem in dealing with a new service, or in the event of inquiries of other clients who deal with the company Relying on them.

Service to external clients

It is one of the most popular types of customer service; It contributes to providing services and responding to inquiries related to external customers, or those who are associated with the company through continuous service based on a contract or subscription, and among the most common examples of this type: the customer service of telecommunications companies, and the provision of Internet service.