Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

  • Tue 4 May 2021 - 3:39 AM
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Hair Transplant
When hair begins to fall out, problems appear, and with quick treatment; The problem is growing in front of us, hair transplantation as a last resort. Hair transplantation is one of the most important, newest and most recent operations that appeared on the scene in the period to overcome hair problems that cause embarrassment and lack of self-confidence.
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Hair problems

Of course women and men are concerned with their beauty alike, but the problem becomes worse for women, as beauty is more important to them by nature than men, and from God’s mercy, hereditary baldness mostly affects men, and it rarely affects females, as it occurs as a result of excessive sensitivity to the male hormone. Treated with some medical preparations such as "Rogaine", but these products remain a temporary solution with limited results.

As for non-hereditary hair loss, its rate has increased at the present time, and the percentage of women has also increased dramatically, so the percentage of hereditary baldness in men is close, and its causes are psychological and nervous disorders, or a lack of nutrients, or chronic physical diseases, as happens in cases of patients. Thyroid gland, as well as in patients who are treated with chemical preparations, and it can also occur after burns and wounds.

What is a hair transplant?

It is a procedure in which the doctor moves the hair roots from the donor area, which is usually the back of the head to the areas that have been bald, the problem of hair loss can be overcome by treating its causes, taking adequate rest, taking important vitamins to strengthen the hair, and treating the causative disease, if not There is no result, whether in cases of hereditary or non-inherited baldness, the best and final solution is hair transplantation, and the process of hair transplantation takes place in several stages, namely:

Preparing the patient for the operation
Anesthesia stage
Follicle extraction
Separation of follicles or segments
The stage of follicle transplantation
Before a hair transplant
The patient is prepared before the operation on several successive steps to check on his health and to know the extent of the success of the operation, as follows:

 The specialist doctor conducts a comprehensive examination of the patient and opens a medical file for him in which he writes everything related to the patient medically, if he is being treated for a disease, or has an allergy to any medical preparation
The doctor evaluates the patient's ability to bleed, and if one of his family members suffers from a hereditary disease, and this is a medical axiom before any surgery.
 All procedures are reviewed on the day scheduled for the operation, and you have to ask the doctor about everything that concerns you about the operation.
 The doctor performs a thorough cleaning of the scalp, repainting the hair, and adding other marks that help him during the procedure
After that, the actual steps of the process begin with taking some painkillers to relax, and then after that, anesthesia of the target area.